About GPS- Egypt


GPS-Egypt is a dedicated website for Egypt, the largest country in the Middle East and the place which made GPS possible - the triangulation method, the cornerstone of GPS technology, was invented by the ancient Egyptians.

In this site you will find everything GPS. - navigation products, tracking, personal security devices and special enterprise solutions. You will also find the latest news, answers to your questions, even a forum where you and others can exchange knowledge and build a GPS community.

The width and the scope of the products is dazzling as well as unique.

The range is covered by the well known trade marks:


* not all the products are available in Egypt.

MAS would like to focus for now on the sales, marketing and distribution of the navigation software know as SuperNav with other products will be added as the market becomes more mature and familiar with GPS technologies.


The GPS Shop is another unique experience offered to those who likes to do their shopping from theĀ  comfort of their homes!


Enjoy your browsing!