Customer Support


Support is different at GPS-Egypt.

Our support starts from the very moment you express interest in our product and covers much more than answering technical questions.

Our support is rendered personally by one of the most competent teams in the Middle East.

We even have our own finance company to finance your purchases if you wish to buy on credit.

We release a new map update every 3 months! Whenever its out, you can go to our agent offices and our competent technical team will install the updated map on your device while you are waiting! Alternatively,registered users may download updates on our customer support portal.

No other company gives that personal service!

You can contact our technical support by phone any time from 8am to 8pm, 7-days a week, or you can contact them by fax or e-mail any time.

Our technical help is absolutely free. No support contract or fees.

In addition, our website is available 24-hours a day to receive any question or query that you wish to send to GPS-Egypt. Our prompt response is guaranteed.

Furthermore, any suggestion to improve our service will be received with appreciation.


How to switch between Arabic and English versions on 3.5 inches devices

Please connect Supernav device to your computer directly using USB cable.

You will see a file called Shell.ini on the root directory of the card
Edit this file using notepad
This file contains just one line to tell the device which program to run English or Arabic

The line to run Arabic version is
The one to run the English version is

Select the appropriate language ,Save and exit. Reset your device