Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most recent version of SuperNAV Software?

The most recent version is November 2009. All Maps are updated monthly.


Which PDA do you recommend and what accessories do I need?

Any windows CE based device on windows mobile all versions will work


What is the warranty period for the GPS hardware?

All products carry the manufacturer warranties. GPS- Egypt does reserve the right to substitute with a similar product if necessary.


Which PDA do you recommend for use with GPS?

While there are quite a few PDA that works well wth SuperNAV, the preferred system would include 64 megabytes internal RAM and a Secure Digital (SD) slot with at least 256 megs storage. Your requirements may vary depending upon your maps needs. For maximum compatibility we recommend our own branded hardware.


How much memory do I need to store maps?

Please see map size memory requirements.


Can I use my own GPS receiver and buy just your software?

Yes, you can buy just the software. However, make sure that your receiver can connect with your device through blue tooth. And make sure your device is windows CE or windows mobile based.


How precise is the GPS?

Most of GPS receivers we sell are accurate to between 3 to 5 meters. You may want to consider a Differential GPS or Post Processing if you need higher precision.


How often does the GPS update position?

SuperNAV system updates several times per second, for smooth seamless position refresh. Some competing products can take up to 15 seconds to refresh your position!


Are there any fees I must pay to use the GPS system?

No fees are required to use the Global Positioning system.


Does weather effect the GPS?

Although you may experience some interference in receiving the signal during severe weather in the ionosphere the chances are good that this is unlikely to be an issue for most applications.


Are the GPS receivers that GPS-Egypt sell Differential ready?

The receivers we sell are WAAS capable receivers for extra accuracy. In addition, SuperNAV is differential ready. Some receivers are differential capable. For these receivers you would still need to purchase an additional piece of GPS hardware which is actually "radio receiver" to obtain the GPS correction data.


Why would I choose one type of GPS receiver over another?

The deciding factors usually are accuracy and performance.


What maps are included when I buy your software?

GPS-Egypt offers a variety of packages containing Egypt, U.S., Canada, Europe and the Gulf countries street maps.


What level of detail is available for your maps?

All our maps are offered at street level details.


How long can I expect a fully charged PDA to last when using the GPS card?

Expect the GPS card to decrease the life of the PDA by approximately 30%. In other words, if your PDA typically lasts 6 hours after full charge, then it would last about 4 hours when using the GPS, Keep it connected to in car charger is a good idea and gives better performance with some devices.


Do you sell topographical maps in addition to your regular street/aviation map bundles?

They are available by special orders only.


What is the difference between using subscription navigation systems available by some network operators and using SuperNAV on the same phone or PDA system?

(1) SuperNAV does not rely on cellular coverage, (2) Instant rerouting rather than waiting for cellular upload/download, (3) No additional fees using SuperNAV


Do high speed SD cards affect operation of SuperNAV program?

Yes, faster SD cards improve both the perfomance of the program operating from SD card and for pagination of the map data from the card.


Does the SuperNAV software support VGA Hi Res and Rotation?

Yes, it does support these modes.


Can I use an 802.11b wireless LAN card with any of your GPS receivers?

Yes, you can use Cisco Aironet 350 wireless LAN card and also the Compaq 802.11b 2.4 GH card with our receivers.


I understand that your receivers are NMEA compatible. What is NMEA?

NMEA is the standard in the GPS industry. Details.


Does SuperNAVoffer a software developer kit (SDK) or API support?

Yes, but to receive support you must have first a registered copy of the SuperNAV application program.





How should I configure my GPS receiver?

Configure your GPS receiver to output 4800 baud (or higher) serial, NMEA 0183v2.0 (or higher). It is important that you select v2.0 to obtain the most accurate altitude measurements possible.


How does SuperNAV GPS handle datum corrections?

Datum corrections are done directly by the GPS hardware. When you buy a GPS receiver from SuperNAV then the receiver defaults to WGS 84.


Where can I obtain the latest version of Microsoft ActiveSync?

The latest version of ActiveSync is available for download from Microsoft.


How can I change turn warning sound?

Delete the file SpdBeep.wav that is located in the GPS directory. Place a new sound file there and rename it to SpdBeep.wav. Note: The sound clip must already be a .wav file, you can replace any of the wav files with your own but dont use large waves as this will cause a severe performance hit.


I have bought a GPS Bluetooth receiver , I put the receiver in the charger yet it is not charging. How can I charge the receiver?

If the Bluetooth GPS receiver is sufficiently discharged then placing directly into the charger will not be adequate to begin charging the unit. First, power the GPS unit directly for 5 minutes. Second, you can remove the power from the GPS unit and power directly to the cradle, insert the GPS receiver into the cradle.


I recharged the battery for my bluetooth receiver after it became discharged, and now it will not aquire satellites and I can't lock in to my position. What do I do?

Please remove the battery from your bluetooth receiver for several minutes (about 10). Remove all the connections to the Bluetooth device under your Bluetooth Manager and connect again. Ensure that your PDA is communicating with your bluetooth GPS reciever.


How do I reset my GPS Bluetooth reciever?

To reset your receiver, remove the battery for 5 seconds, then remove all shortcuts from the Bluetooth Manager on your PDA. Install the GPS receiver again





Which comm port does my PDA use for Bluetooth connection?

Audiovox 6700 COM4
Compaq iPAQ 3870 COM8
Compaq iPAQ 3970 COM8
Dell Axim X3 COM7
Dell Axim X3i COM7
Dell Axim X30 COM7
Dell Axim X50 COM7
Dell Axim X50i COM7
Dell Axim X50v COM7
HP iPAQ 1940 / 1945 (ROM version 1.00) COM5
HP iPAQ 1940 / 1945 (ROM version 1.10) COM8
HP iPAQ hx2110 COM8
HP iPAQ 2210 / 2215 COM8
HP iPAQ hx2450 / 2750 COM8
HP iPAQ rx3715 COM6
HP iPAQ 4150 / 4155 COM6
HP iPAQ 4350 COM8
HP iPAQ hx4700 COM8
HP iPAQ 5xxx COM8
HP iPAQ 63xx COM7
HP iPAQ 6515 COM7 (Internal GPS)
i-mate PDA2k COM6
i-mate JAM COM6
Orange SPV M1000 COM6
Orange SPV M2000 COM6
Orange SPV M500 COM6
Proximus QTEK 2020 COM6
Proximus QTEK 9090 / QTEK S100 COM6
T-Mobile MDA II COM6
T-Mobile MDA III / MDA compact COM6
Vodafone VPA III / VPA Compact COM6


*To test the port you can use 3rd party GPS program


My PDA / Bluetooth host device is asking me for a password / passkey. What is it?

1234 (on older models) or 0000 (on newer models)


I put the receiver in the charger yet it is not charging. How can I charge the receiver?

If the Bluetooth GPS receiver is sufficiently discharged, then placing it directly into the charger will not be adequate to begin charging the unit. First, power the GPS receiver directly for 5 minutes. Second, remove the power from the GPS receiver and apply power directly to the cradle. Insert the GPS receiver into the cradle, and the unit should begin charging normally.


The SuperNAV software doesn't seem to be making any connections with my Bluetooth GPS receiver. How do I make it work?

You will need to make sure your PDA is paired with the Bluetooth device. Follow the instructions in the Connection section of the Bluetooth documentation to make sure that your PDA is recognizing the Bluetooth GPS receiver properly. If so, you will need to connect with the device by going to the Bluetooth Manager and double-tapping on the SuperNAV icon.


I am experiencing difficulties connecting with my Bluetooth GPS and/or locking in to satellites, what should I do?

There are one of several things you could do:

  • Replace the rechargeable batteries with heavy-duty alkaline batteries

  • Download the GPSDriver.dll file from the Free Downloads page.

  • Refer to the Bluetooth documentation for instructions on how to connect with your receiver.


I am having difficulty using my SuperNAV GPS Bluetooth receiver. Is there any documentation available?

Yes, please see our Bluetooth GPS documentation (PDF format) for detailed information about setting up your Bluetooth GPS receiver, operation, and proper care and maintenance.


My Bluetooth receiver seems to be connecting to satellites (the green light is blinking), but I am unable to establish a connection between the receiver and my PDA. How can I make a connection?

Go to the Bluetooth Manager on your PDA. Locate the "SuperNAV: SPP Slave" icon and tap and hold. A pop-up menu will appear, select Delete.

Next, locate the Reset button on your Bluetooth GPS receiver and press it. Then perform a soft reset on your PDA.

Once your PDA has finished resetting itself, go back to the Bluetooth Manager screen and perform the typical setup and connection procedures for your Bluetooth receiver (for help with connection, please review the Bluetooth documentation).

Once you have established a pairing, double-click on the "SuperNAV: SPP Slave" icon to connect your PDA to your Bluetooth receiver. Finally, run the SuperNAV GPS software. Go to Tools > GPS Status > Status, select COM 8 as your port, 4800bps, and tap Open Port. You should see symbols scrolling in the gray box below.


Which COM port should I use when trying to connect to my Bluetooth GPS receiver?

You need to know what port is used to connect your BT receiver to the PDA, then you can point the software to use this port, from GPS status screen click on the status position then select Port and Baud rate.


Why doesn't my Bluetooth GPS work with my QTEK, iMate, or O2 XDA II PDA?

Certain essential Bluetooth functions were not included with the above PDAs, but there is a solution, Pocket Bluetooth Tools, available for free download. Keep in mind this software is freeware, and while it has no affiliation with SuperNAV GPS and is therefore not supported by SuperNAV, several SuperNAV customers report success using the product.


Running SuperNav


I receive an error message when I run the program on my Pocket PC. The error message says the program is not a valid windows mobile/windows CE application. Is SuperNAV Pro compatible with my OS?

If you get this msg it means that your device isn't yet supported by SuperNav.


How do I load maps into the memory card?

Egypt map comes preloaded for other maps use the following, 1. Select Tranfer ->Storage Maps->Streets, and then select the country and state you wish to export to the PDA. For a visual demonstration of this process, click here to go to our video tutorial page.



I can't seem to establish a connection between my desktop computer and my CE device, it used to work before, what's wrong?

Quit the SuperNAV GPS program on both the desktop and the CE computer. Leaving the GPS program running during the time you are trying to establish a connection between the desktop and the CE can lock up the com port as it is waiting for GPS signals rather than looking for a machine for synchronization.


Is the GPS receiving signals?

Check GPS Status


Why can't I see any maps even after I zoom and scroll?

If you are looking for a place in the U.S.A. use the Find command (Tools Menu) to type the name of the place and the state. Options will appear in the resulting dialog box. By selecting one of the places listed, the program will automatically centre it's position at that place.

If you are looking for a place outside of the U.S.A. select "File->Manage Maps" to see which maps you have loaded. Be sure to load SuperNAV GPS maps (these are files with .ttm as the extension) for the correct area. You can then zoom to the right location.

Alternatively, take the GPS system and PDA outside. Once your position is fixed it will show your position on the map.


My position appears to be offset, what's wrong?

If a different grid system other than our default WGS84 is used, the position may appear to be offset. You may encounter such problems when traveling in Hawaii or importing a specialized map which has a different datum.


How can I lock the GPS in faster the first time it's in use?

1. Be sure the PDA date and time is accurate to within one hour of local time.


Routing appears to be taking a long time. What's wrong?

For fastest routing, make sure the route settings are set to Quickest Path. This will ensure that the generated route will stay on the highway when possible. To get to the Route Settings screen, select Route->Route Settings.

Also, make sure that the Routing Area Size is set large enough. You can get access to this option through the same window as before. On the PC, this option can be set as large as possible. On the PDA, if this is set to high, you will get the"Unable to find right route" error message. If you get this error message, reduce the Routing Area Size and try the route again.


How can I load another data set or maps?

Contact support as they should give such info when they provide maps other than the preloaded.


How can I see Points of Interest on my screen?

Make sure that the service category you are willing to see is visible in services category list


How can I add my own data points?

You can add as many "My Points" as you wish by clicking cross hair on the map and select Mark, or from menu go to My Points then Mark Position


Some city and town points seem to be located far from where I would expect. Why?

Report any map dissatisfaction to customer support website


My PDA no longer seems to be functioning properly, what should I do?

Be sure you have obtained the latest ROM upgrade for the device you are using. ROM upgrades are periodically issued by PDA manufacturers are available for free download directly from the manufacturer.


My PDA appears to be locked up, what should I do?

Please follow these instructions.


Can I install the program to an external flash memory card?



Why can't I assign SuperNAV GPS tasks to buttons on my Pocket PC?

You might need to release the manufacture default button function first within Start/Settings/Personal/Buttons.


How can I conserve battery power when using the iPAQ?

Set the Backlight display to OFF or set time (seconds or minutes) to turn off backlight if device is not used. You can also adjust the brightness for the power usage.


Using a PDA (such as iPAQ) when I tap on File or View menu the menus remain on the screen, they fail to disappear. What is wrong?

Your PDA has almost run out of memory. Please remove files and/or assign more memory to program rather than storage.


When I use SuperNAV to create a route, I get different results than what I would expect. How can I have more control to make the route come out the way I prefer?

Using SuperNAV to route a familiar route, such as from your home to your office, you will find that manually adding waypoint(s) to the route will allow you to customize the resulting route to your preference. A waypoint is a user defined point that forces the program to create a route via those points (check route settings).


While attempting to connect my Pocket PC to Bluetooth GPS receiver "Invalid Card" message appears. What's wrong?

Most likely there is a comm port conflict with a modem card. Configure SuperNAV to use the Bluetooth port rather than allowing the program to search for available serial ports. Procedure: Launch SuperNAV, go to Tools, GPS Status, Status screen and select the correct port for Bluetooth (not for modem card) then quit SuperNAV, relaunch. (Note: Bluetooth port varies by Pocket PC model, check BT manager on your Pocket PC for details).


How do I change the COM port that my GPS receiver is running on?

Go to My Computer --> Control Panel --> System. Under System Properties, click on the Hardware tab. Under the Hardware tab, click on the Device Manager button. You will see a list of devices. Under “Ports”, you will see your device. Right click on your device. Go to “Properties” and click on the tab “Port settings”. Click on the “Advanced” button. Next to “COM Port Number”, you will see a list box with a list of COM port numbers. If you are not aware of any device using a certain port, for instance COM2, select the port you wish to change to. In some cases, it may say that the selected port is in use. If this is the case, try a different port.


I get an active sync error installing SuperNAV under Vista. How do I fix the problem?

Install the Vista equivalent to active sync called "Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center".




Are new maps compatible with old versions of the program?

No, new maps are only guaranteed to work with the latest version of the program. It is not recommended to use an old program with new maps or a new program with old maps. All Maps are updated at the same time as the SuperNAV Program.


How can the best results be obtained when searching for addresses?

If you are looking for a street name and can't find it, try not to type area name so it will search all areas in that city

If you type part of the street name that name doesn't start with the "Autocomplete" function would be miss leading as it will return results that begins with the part you typed, press back on the result list and then complete your typing then hit next to execute your search

If you are looking for an area , enter city then area then discard street info

If looking for a city or a village Type Egypt in city name then type your city or village in area and discard street info.


How do I find the location of an airport?

Search> Services> Catigory Airport (in transportation) then type Airport name or just hit next if you are using nearest


How do I do a hard (factory) reset on my PDA?

Click here for instructions on how to do a hard reset on most PDA.


I can see the address on the SuperNAV software, yet when I try to search for the address, the program tells me it cannot be found. What's wrong?

Take advantage of wild card search. Example: If searching for an address on North River View Ave nue, enter "*River" rather than "North River View Ave".


How can I report a program bug or map problem?

Please submit all details using the appropriate form: Program Trouble Report, Map Trouble Report, an engineer will review your submission and contact you directly.


Can I rename my ttm (map) files?

NO! If you rename your ttm files you will not be able to auto-load maps.




How can I disable a card that may be conflicting with the SuperNAV GPS card?

Follow these step by step instructions.


How can I verify that my laptop is receiving GPS data stream?

Follow these instructions to test whether your GPS hardware is "communicating" to your GPS program when using a laptop.


I have used other GPS receivers on my laptop. How can I make my new receiver work on my laptop?

Sometimes if you have used a variety of GPS receivers and software, there could be conflict of some program files. Uninstall the SuperNAV GPS program. Use "regedit" to search for all occurrences of "GPS" in the registry. Delete all occurrences except for the PC Card enumeration (driver)*. Reinstall SuperNAV GPS program. *PC-Card driver will only be an issue if using the wireless GPS PC card solution.


I am not getting signals from my serial based GPS on my laptop, what should I check?

Determine the serial port that your laptop is using for your GPS. Typically the port is Comm1 but sometimes laptops default to other Comm ports. To find the correct comm port, select Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/Ports(COM &LPT). Note the number of the COM port in use. Assign the same port number for the serial port in the GPS program.


My laptop fails to recognize the GPS wireless (CF or PCMCIA) card. What's wrong?

Some laptops use a pseudo communications port. You need to de-activate that port and activate the card using the PCMCIA port instead. Step by step directions.


How should I configure my laptop to be able to use the PCMCIA serial GPS?

Please see detailed information.


It appears that my laptop has an IRQ conflict with the COM port that is being used by the GPS. How can I use the GPS?

Use the Device Manager to Disable Modem or other COM Ports in use.




Which NMEA Data Strings does SuperNAV GPS Software Read?

The SuperNAV software reads the GGA and RMC data strings from any NMEA v2.0 device.


I have an idea for a great new feature, will you implement it?

We are continually updating the SuperNAV GPS software. We are expanding map coverage areas and adding new navigation features. We are always interested in learning about our customer's needs. Drop us an email





How do I obtain an upgrade?

Registered users of the SuperNAV GPS software can purchase upgrades via our Customer Support site click on Upgrades.