Fun with GPS!


If you think that your Mio™ 168 or i-mate™ is there to take you from Shoubra to Zamalik, think again.The impressive drawings below are traces made by a GPS device similar to the Mio™ 168 during a flight!

As a matter of fact there is a whole website that is devoted exclusively to traces and drawings made by GPS devices in 2 and 3 dimensions! It shows you that there is more to your Mio™ 168 or i-mate™ than merely navigating the streets of Cairo.

GPSograph_3d GPS Shockwave Viewer



Location: Enstone Flying Club, Enstone Airfield, Oxfordshire
Date: 19/06/2001
Track Length: 174 miles
Method: Some flying device or other.
Pilot: Roy Hill