Personal Protection Products

Sazo - GSM/GPS

One of the smallest and most sophisticated GPS devices in world!

Smaller in size than a credit card and only the thickness of a matchbox, our Sazo GPS is the ideal safety protection. it can fit almost anywhere.

Users anywhere in the world can be located in real time, to within a maximum accuracy of up to 5 metre, from an authorised mobile phone, Internet-enabled computer or web-enabled mobile device anywhere in the world. If the GPS signal is lost, the unit automatically memorises the last recorded position. (typical accuracy of 10m)

The Sazo GPS can be used as a GSM cell phone for two-way voice communication across any GSM network. Phone calls can be received from any number, and the pre-set phone numbers can be programmed for rapid connection using special buttons.

In an emergency, the SOS button triggers an SMS message to all designated contacts. Each message includes the user's exact current position. In addition, the unit dials the numbers of all contacts sequentially until a response is received. This is all done almost immediately.

Another sophisticated safety feature is the ability to store the co-ordinates of predefined areas (geo-fences). Should geo-fence boundaries be crossed in either direction, the designated contacts are informed by an SMS message alarm.

The SAZO GPS can be used for a number of applications; child safety, child locate, seniors, lone workers and other vulnerable groups. Where pinpoint accuracy is vital, the Sazo GPS is the recommended solution.