Our Navigation Software SuperNAV


SatNav (Satellite Navigation) for Egypt

At GPS-Egypt, we believe in keeping things simple and efficient.

SuperNav is the only fully functional navigation software designed to work with our legendary maps.

For now,SuperNav can be installed on devices that uses Windows operating systems.

Soon,  our SuperNav will be available on Simbian, Linux and other platforms.

Our distributors in Egypt could supply you with any one of our PDA devices with SuperNav already installed.  Other GPS items are available from our GPS Shop online



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GPS Receiver

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GPS Phones

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SuperNav Mobile





SuperNAV Features

  • Night vision mode available for easy viewing in low lighting.

  • Auto-Zoom allows you to specify the zoom level while traveling at different speeds.

  • 3-D bird's eye view for an ultra-realistic image of your surroundings.

  • Comes with a trip simulator, so you can see your route before you travel.

  • Ability to create unlimited number of user defined waypoints.

  • Multiple levels of detail, from an entire state or country down to a single road.

  • Many services layers are available: ATMs, banks, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, ...etc.

  • Door to Door routing is accomplished through an intuitive route menu.

  • Automatic re-routing to compensate for missed turns.

  • Routing can be done through many waypoints in the order that you specify.

  • Natural turn by turn voice instructions that even read street names in both Arabic and English.


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